Pipe              Board                 Bar
 Wire material             Metal composite material
    Standard parts           Tower inner parts
    Heat exchanger        Reaction kettle
    Storage tank            The tower
Baoji City Haoyu metal material limited company is a nonferrous metal research and development, production, sales-oriented comprehensive enterprise. The company is located in the" China Titanium Valley" -- Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, Baoji city is the focus of the training and development of integrated nonferrous metal enterprises. Mainly engaged in non-ferrous metal titanium ( Ti ), nickel ( Ni ), copper ( Cu ) and refractory metal molybdenum ( Mo ) ( Zr ), zirconium, niobium, tantalum ( Nb ) ( Ta ) and other materials, parts and equipment.
Company to the Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute in order to rely on, and independent R & D and production of titanium and titanium……
Baoji HaoYu metal materials co., LTD
Contact person:Huiqin Liang
ContMobile phone:86-18909179026
Email: hyjsbj@hyjsbj.com